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Over 50 Years of Combined Experience in FRP Engineering and Design
Harbin First Line Environment Technology Co.,Ltd(First Line) is the newest membrane pressure vessel manufacturer from China

Harbin, China, August 18, 2012 – FIRST LINE, announced that it has formed a company in China to engineer, design and manufacture high-quality membrane pressure vessels.
According to China’s economic planning agency, the National Development and Reform Commission, by 2015 it plans to increase China’s desalination capacity to more than 2 million m3/day (528 million gallons/day).

“As China continues on the road to economic development and industrialization, water supply becomes vital to sustain growth. Seawater desalination offers a drought free alternative and by installing First Line high quality, reliable pressure vessels they are assured of trouble-free operation.” Said James Huang, First Line General Manager.
“What makes First Line pressure vessels different is our dedication to quality. From the raw materials, to the winding process and to a curing process that offers overall accurate curing temperature, to our finishing and testing excellence. We also offer an excellent service and support team that has performed numerous installations worldwide, borne out of the First Line team’s 50 year combined experience in the water industry.” James further explains First Line’s expertise and late entry into the membrane pressure vessel market.
James Huang was formerly with ROPV and held various titles including: Sales & Marketing Director and Manufacturing Director over a span of 10 years.

First Line is a new type of pressure vessel company with over 50 years combined experience in FRP pressure vessel engineering and design; we specialize in the manufacture of high quality pressure vessels.  Pressure vessels designed to provide long-term, trouble-free operation, with minimal down time and improve running costs.
Our highly experienced and trained engineers have worked with pressure vessel manufacturers in China. The First Line lead engineering team comes from the prestigious Harbin Institute of Technology, with research and development focused on high polymer materials. This type of engineering research in composite materials is typically dedicated to aerospace and military applications. That's why First Line engineers excel in pressure vessel structure and resin system design.

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