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First Line introduces EuroTec Max Flow Purfication System

HARBIN, China, March 30, 2014 – FIRST LINE, announced the introduction of a new line of high flow capacity purification and filtration systems.

The EuroTec FRP housings and high flow capacity cartridge filters are available in side or end connection models depending on the industry application.
In addition, First Line partners with a variety of water industry leaders to custom design models based on the customer’s engineering specifications.
EuroTec cartridge filters are designed to provide optimum filtration while significantly reducing operating costs and offering overall energy and cost savings.
“At First Line, innovation and diversification propels us forward in this industry. We listen to our customers and develop solutions that meet their needs.
We are not only in the business of manufacturing FRP pressure vessels, we play a greater role by completing the purification and filtration process.
With a complete product offering we are able to work with our engineering team, as well as industry partners to develop next generation products that are more effective,
highly reliable and more competitively priced.” Said James Huang, First Line’s General Manager.
We use our engineering expertise; bulk buying power and deep industry knowledge to our advantage and are able to offer high quality products that are:
A) Competitively priced
B) Offer low maintenance
C) Easy to install and maintain

James adds that, “this translates to our customers receiving the highest quality products in the market today while making the lowest capital investment.”
To learn more about these new products please visit www.firstline.com.cn/en/